The Decan Diaries

If you have been curious or confused about Astrology in the Minor Arcana, this is for you.

If you have always wanted to be more disciplined with journaling, this course will enable you to share and experience Tarot astrologically both from a Traditional and Modern perspective.

Renée teaches every class without a pre-recording so all of your questions will be answered in a live setting. If not, you have full access to our student community to discuss and leave questions there also.


On this EPIC journey we will be using the Rider Waite cards and Chaldean Astrology to demonstrate how and why certain planets pertain to the Minor Arcana. The zodiacal wheel is a measure of 'time'.

The journey commences on Tuesday March 21 which is the beginning of the zodiacal/agricultural wheel in Aries.

Each minor arcana or 'secret' is defined by 10 degrees and cards 2-10 are indicated over 360 degrees around the wheel.

Each Decan spans 10 days however we will be working through the course once a week (which is every 7 days) on the same day of the week. This is for consistency for your weekly calendar, work schedules and so the timelines don't shift around. 36 sessions is a lot so let's keep things simple. We're not invoking energy, just learning to understand the cards as an academic exercise.

Should you wish to join after this date, that is ok too! The course will rotate until the end of November and recommence again each year on March 21 if you missed the beginning sessions of those cards.


If you choose to purchase this course there will be links made available for 2 time zones.

1. Australia (Melb/Sydney) Tuesday evenings at 7pm to 8pm (if this doesn't work for you you are welcome to join the USA class Wednesday morning 9am to 10am)

2. USA (Central Time) Tuesday evenings at 6pm to 7pm

Of course no matter where you live you can choose either or and adjust your calendar accordingly.

You will receive in the student portal:

  • The Zoom invite to the weekly video sessions held once a week for 36 weeks. Each class is for one hour. If you cannot attend the session you will have access to the recording

    This is about the live experience and attendance is encouraged to honour other students. Classes are recorded (private 1-1 readings are not).

  • An introductory overview video before we begin to ensure you have an understanding of basic planetary alignments

  • E-book with an overview on Planets, their meanings and connection to Tarot

  • Masterclass Community Membership with other students who are participating to exchange Q&A

  • 1-1 practise with other members every session

  • Access to your learning portal library 24/7

  • Online support and lifetime access to the recordings and content

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. If after the first 2 weeks you are not satisfied with the course, you will receive a 100% refund and all products will be revoked.

All course material has been developed and written by New Angel Tarot © 2023

What real clients and students are saying about Renée

I had the absolute privilege of doing the Beginner Tarot course with Renée. I cannot recommend Reneé's course enough if you are a beginner. Renée has a wonderful, natural gift for teaching. This is evident through not only her incredible knowledge of the Tarot, but also the astrological, numerological and even colour influences that bring each card and spread to life. The class was via Zoom and being an older lady, and a bit old school, I thought I might get a little left behind. However, Renée's presentations...well, they were awesome. So easy to understand, perfect for beginners. She even sent the recording so I could go over them in my own time. Renée is a bright, kind and lovely soul with a wonderful sense of humour! A gifted intuitive. I highly recommend Renee if you want to learn from one of the best! I will definitely be booking for more classes with New Angel Tarot in the near future!


$360.00 AUD